Monday, November 07, 2005

My problematic 7D get replaced yesterday

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Last saturday the shopper Digi 33 called me and said there are Minolta 7Ds available while I was on the way to Shen Zhen. Pretty excited since I was told previously I may have to wait for a long time.

Well... yesterday I went to the shop to replace the problematic 7D. Again, obviously the so-called new 7D is not a brand-new one. I found out the S/N is even earlier than mine. With the caution, I thoroughly chcked it. There was some hair on the mirror and the WB button was moved. These made me very uncomfortable since the shopper is not honest at all! They even told me there is no way to replace once more and they were out of stock again! What they can do is to fix my problematic one! Jesus! I don't want them to fix my 7D. Who knows where they will bring my 7D, probably not the Minolta maintenance centre. I'd rather pay Minolta to fix it if I must fix it! Anyway, using my blower, I wiped the hair off the mirror. Through a thorough examination, there was not any other problem for the time being.

My wife and I were going to Repulse Bay after the replacement. However, we decided to go to Hong Kong park to test this new 7D. This picture has been taken in the park yesterday. Using Sigma 70-210/2.8 at 210mm end, I took this picture without a tripod at f5.6@40 with ISO 100. Minolta's unique anti-shake function is pretty cool. This picture is very sharp even it's was taken at 1/40" at 210mm without a tripod.

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