Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Put tapes into a tape library

To import a ordinary tape into a tape library using Veritas NetBackup, there are 2 ways. One is to use 'new volumes ...' via 'Media' interface, the other one is to use 'Inventory Robot'. While using 'Inventory Robot', you don't have to set up anything in the 'advanced option', just remember to check 'clear media access port', the library will take care of the rest. To use 'new volumes ...', you need to choose the proper tape type, the slot number, Media ID and so forth. It's important NOT to click on 'Apply' button to take the action. Instead, click on 'Close' button. Otherwise, you will get the error 'The Media ID is not unique in the database'.

To import a cleaning tape into a tape library, seems like 'Inventory Robot' must be used to do so. Also, 'Advanced Option' needs to be accessed to configure sth. You need to add a new rule in 'barcode rule' tab. In the pop window, you need to choose the proper cleaning tape type, e.g. DLT_CLN. You need to give the barcode tag. e.g. CLN (Seems like we don't have to append the barcode number. 'CLN' is enough) At last, a number of the remaining cleanings must be given. Usually it's 25 times. Every time the cleaning tape is used, the number decrements by 1 until 0 automatically. If you did't follow these instructions, even the cleaning tape could be put into the library successfully, the library wouldn't recognize it as a cleaning tape by any means. You will get errors whenever you want to clean a tape drive.

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