Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Most of films have been saved in this roll!

This roll of film is the 1st roll which I loaded into my Minolta 800si, one of two I brought with me for this Tibet trip. In the morning of Sep. 16, 2005, near the holy mountain Kailash, I loaded it in and took few pictures. At dawn on Sep. 19, 2005, the day after Chinese mid-autumn festival, while waiting for the sunrise at Gu Ge Dynasty, I took it out and used it again for those beautiful clouds in the morning sunlight as well as the Gu Ge Dynasty. Absolutely it's precious time for me and it's difficult to catch them again! Unfortunately, 2 days later, I opened the camera back accidentally while the whole roll has not been rolled back into the box! How careless I am! Usually rolls will be automatically rolled back after the last one has been exposed. The reason why it didn't work this time is because I changed the default setting in order to take 1 incompleted roll out for the future reload. However, I forgot to change it back. So the automatic rolling back was disabled. I didn't realize at the time and opened the back. Even I closed it almost in no time, but I know some of films must be fully exposed. I am even afraid all of them have been destroyed! Just like a nightmare! I had been blaming myself all the time. How come on the earth I am reckless like this! This is not me! But I know it happened. No matter how much I blame myself. The only one thing I wanna do is to print and develop this roll as soon as possible. However, I dare not to process it in Shi Quan He. I have to wait until we go back to Lhasa. Meanwhile, I was suffering from this. I was really angry at myself!

After going back to Lhasa, I was going to process this roll in one pro-like shop. I just couldn't wait more. My wife told me not to do so there. "You've already been waiting for many days! Why don't you wait for few more and take all of them back to HK to process them safely and securely?" I was convinced again even I was dying to see the final impact.

Finally I came back to HK and processed all the rolls. Thank God! Things were not like that bad as I thought previously! Only the last 10 films have been fully exposed but the rest are all preserved! Especially for those I took in that morning at Gu Ge Dynasty! The attached photo is one of them! Is it Kailash's blessing? Posted by Picasa

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