Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Oracle Secure Backup (OSB) - a replacement for Veritas DB Agent for Oracle

Sounds cool! If it's the case, we don't have to buy Veritas DB agent for Oracle any more. Previously, we must buy Veritas DB agent for Oracle as well as NetBackup client to backup a Oracle DB directly to tape library. Otherwise, the tape library can only been seen by Veritas MML and unseen by RMAN. To backup a DB to offline tapes, we can only backup it to hard disks as a staging place first and load the backup files onto tapes later via NetBackup Client. Despite the inconvenience, this method will cause a lot of other problems such as availability and managebility. One of them is like this: RMAN thinks all the backups remain in the hard disks by the data in the repository, but actually they are not since they have been archived to offline storage. There will be always inconsistencies between RMAN repository and Veritas MM database.

Oracle Database 10g Release 2: Top Features for DBAs: "In Oracle Database 10g Release 2, a new tool called Oracle Secure Backup (OSB), available in the first quarter of 2006, makes this requirement much more affordable by replacing the MML specific to third-party tape management systems. OSB can back up to a tape library directly, so you don't need any other media management layer. And, best of all, OSB is tightly integrated with the database engine and thus can be controlled and administered via Oracle Enterprise Manager."

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