Friday, October 14, 2005

My first time to see a group of Tibetan Antelope

In the morning on Sep. 16, 2005, it's the first time in my life to see wild life, a group of Tibetan Antelope. They are such amazing animals, slim, alert and active. All the group members I encountered are male with long horns on their heads. Doubtlessly, three of us, meimei, my wife and I all felt very excited at the time. We were trying to get closer to them but without success. They were so alert and always sprung away when we still were 200 or 300m away from them. The electrical poles in the background are not harmonized with the whole natural environment but truly exist there. Do they feel strange about the poles or already get used to such civilization products? Who knows? This is reality, anyway. The conflicts and collissions between the nature and our civilization progress! Let's pray they will live a safe life forever on their own land! Posted by Picasa

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